NEW! Ribbon/flower hair clips! (#5)

1. White sheer ribbon w/white &
pink sparkle flower w/dark pink sparkle center.
(May substitute pink sparkle centers w/purple)
2. Pink Fuschia sheer ribbon w/white medium flower & small dark pink flower along w/a crystal clear gem in center.
3. Brown sheer ribbon bow w/white & brown flower & white gem in center. Med/Large
4. Black sheer ribbon w/purple flower & gem
These ribbon bows all come in a medium/large size about 4" across (unless otherwise noted). Placed on alligator clip w/ gripzies no slip grip.
*Request your own color of ribbon and flower for your ribbon/flower bow!! Check post #18 for list of sheer ribbon colors and post #22 for mini flower colors. SALE! $2.09 EACH!